She Walked To Me

From the far distance
I could see her rocking bossom
I could not be certain it was she
For something then
Had tourched my eye with a finger
Perchance, it was a wind

The curves of her legs
Were beautifully outlined
Like the Chwezi pottery
Her feet seemed to tourch
The ground with the softest tourch
And her movement
Seemed so planned

Now I could see her sparkling large eyes
And she smiled
Noticing my scrutinizing glance
Yet i could not keep my eyes off her
For this was a crime
I was ready to commit
the most beautiful gap in her teeth showed
And her teeth were snow white
And the curving of her lips
Seemed to have been perfectly measured
To match her beauty

I would have fainted then
But then she had blinked
Then I realised the folds that curved her eyes
It made me think it was her first blink
I had only seen Acholi ladys with such eye lids
Yet here she was another beauty of our tribe

I had then opened my mouth
Perhaps to say something
It was then that I realised
The twin hills that stood on her chest
Shaking at every move
They seemed to shudder
Every time she stepped on the ground
They seemed to have been crooked
By the artistic hand underneath
And the architect's hand above
They seemed to have been
Losely fastend on her chest
With a piece of back cloth

Looking down at her waist
And the curving of its lines
And at the beautiful hollow navel
I stepped out of my stupefying state
To tell her, I had lost my mind
Perhaps she could help me look for it
And holding My trembling hand
I turned in my bed

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