ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

She Wants You To No

The warning signs are not there.
Your duaghter is about to kill herself.
She's about to take her life.
She's sorry but she can't take no more.
She hates her life.
And all the pain that has come with it.

She wants you to know.
That she's sorry.
And that she loves you.
She went with a sagging hart.
And she's sad she left you behind.

But her passing was for the best.
Grief to you she didnt want to bring.
She loved you far to much.
She wished she could have stayed.
In the end her demons had one.

She's one thing to say to you.
Here is her last message to you.

I am so sorry mum.
But I've what was for the best.
I love you and I am truly deeply sorry.
I hope one day,
you'll be able to find it within your hart to forgive me.

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