NS (05/06/1983 / Warrington)

She Was A Mirror

She said:
'I don't care about your spotty head,
About your knobbly knees
Or your rickety bed,
I don't care about your inablilty to rest,
Your massively big feet
Or your pigeon chest,
I don't care about your odd socks,
Your dead-man tan
And though this may come as a shock;
I don't care about your bony hips,
Your two bent teeth
Or your bouncy castle lips,
I don't care about your skinny wrists,
your empty pockets
Or your constant mist,
I don't care that your head is growing grey,
Or that your stutter
Everytime you want to say.'

She was a mirror.

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Neil i liked so much your poem it is beaiful and with a great idea well done thanx N.R