She Was In High School In The Early Eighties

She was in high school in the early eighties but now some gray in her brown hair grow
And though she is only in her mid thirties the years on her already show
In her twenties she looked quite lovely but she has been putting on weight
One might say she looks a bit plumper though health wise she is feeling great.

Her son and daughter Primary school going children the girl she is ten the boy eight
And the hands of time they keep on turning and time for anyone doesn't wait
Her husband in his late thirties is balding and he too has known a better day
The months and years go by so quickly and people soon grow old and gray.

The beautiful looking young woman of the mid nineties looks old a decade past her prime
Some women hold their looks for decades whilst others fade quickly in time
Our younger years seem to pass quickly and on looking back the years seemed to fly
And from the moment we are born we live and we age and we die.

She was in high school in the early eighties and in the nineties she had beauty rare
But now she looks heavier and older with some gray showing in her brown hair
And time for anyone does not wait and the rose she is quick to decay
And even if you live beyond a century the reaper will claim you one day.

by Francis Duggan

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