She Was Not Pleased With My Words

For lampooning Prince Charles in verse she said I would burn in hell
But of the existence of a life hereafter how can she or anyone tell
Since none have come back to tell us if the afterlife World exist
The advice of the converted I have chosen to resist.

I did not say her future King in any way was bad
But she was not pleased with my words she did seem hopping mad
To lampoon Charles Windsor to her the worst thing I could do
In life you win some and you lose some so happens to be true.

The venom in her email it took me by surprise
But I will not be emailing her back for to apologize
I will not be replying to her to verbally equalize the score
I'll leave her to get over it life goes on as before.

She did not like my lampoon about the future King
To some things antiquated some people choose to cling
They need someone to look up to then on others they look down
Though the Reaper sees the pauper as equal to the one who wears the crown.

For lampooning Prince Charles in doggerel on me she has put a curse
For to burn in hell forever I suppose things could be worse
Since I don't believe in the hereafter I won't be losing sleep
Though the Karma that I sow one day suppose I'll have to reap.

by Francis Duggan

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