She Was One I'D Never Seen Before

The young woman to me a complete stranger but of her presence I was quite aware
And as our eyes met quite briefly in passing she scowled and gave me the most surly glare
As if I had done something awful to her that look she gave me pierced me to the core
Yet like I say to me she was a stranger and she was one I'd
never seen before.

A woman that I had met along the walkway and one that I may never see again
And something about me had made her angry and that look she gave me with me will long remain
The sky was clear and the sun was brightly shining and it was indeed a very pleasant day
But her mood did not seem to match the weather she glared at me then looked the other way.

Perhaps I had reminded her of her father the one who had abused her as a child
For she was one who seemed very unhappy and she had the look of one who was reviled
Or maybe I had harmed her in a past life and I still live in her subconcious memory?
I'm only trying to come up with a reason why she had taken an exception to me.

The young woman I had met upon the walkway I had not seen before and did not know
But she did not seem happy for to see me she glared at me and did not say hello
She had taken an instant dislike to me perhaps I had reminded her of someone who had done her wrong?
The sky was clear and the day was bright and sunny and the shrike thrush on the wattle sang his song.

by Francis Duggan

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