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She Was One Of Those Quite A Joy For To Meet
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She Was One Of Those Quite A Joy For To Meet

Poem By Francis Duggan

So charming and beautiful in her own way
I used to see her often though not very day
Out walking on the park pathway or on the street
She was one of those quite a joy for to meet

Many times a grandmother her husband long dead
She had a good innings of her it could be said
Well into her seventies her physical best gone
But she was one who would have loved to live on

Her life's journey for her ended suddenly
As she crossed the street the sun in her eyes the truck she failed to see
The driver slammed hard on the brakes but he had seen her far too late
Death for her instantaneous but hers was an awful fate

Her shoulder length wavy gray hair her lovely eyes of brown
One who will be missed by everyone in her side of the town
In the local cemetery her last remains lay
And that only memories of her remain does seem sad to say.

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