She Was Opium

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

She did look smashing in her uniform,
from El Al Air, and based in Frankfurt now
I had considered it, naively, to be norm
to chase all females and I knew the How
and also what to bring and say and how to smile
we'd go to Sachsenhausen, drink the Applewine
on frigid mornings we would walk mile after mile
along the banks of lusty river, Father Main.*
And, in due course, we ended up, as it was cold
inside my flat on Bockenheim Chaussee,
that's where the little lies and also big ones that I told
did get me more accepted and thus we would play.

We played with each other
played mother and father
and sister philister,
and often I kissed her,
she suddenly said
some day we'll be dead
and we would not have known
although both fully grown
how to love under covers
like two real life lovers
so she talked me right in
to this cardinal sin
although not much persuasion
was inside this equation.

Nothing else I will share
she would not want me to
when I looked at her bare
rosy bosom I knew
that the Gods after all
loved this dumb little boy
we had gone to the Mall
and had bought her a toy.
Well that night I remember
she was working a shift
on that day in December
and she had a great gift.
No, she was like a present
that no mortal deserves
and I was the peasant
who was smitten by curves.
As a breast man I drooled
at the mere thought of her
when our passion had cooled
I would call her 'ma fleur'.
But what sticks in the mind
is her beauty throughout
she was always so kind
to this bumbling Kraut
and she didn't have flaws
nor a blemish, not one
and one day when the cause
of the war that was done
in the desert by bastards
who had hate for a heart
though the good guys had mastered
in six days from the start
we did fly to assist
and to fight for the just
when we landed in mist
we all knew that we must
the Lieutenant was kind
and he liked our guts
in the end we did find
that we all were quite nuts.

And my sweetheart and I
went to Frankfurt, El Al
when we said our good-bye
she had kissed our toy pal
and with longing we hugged
had a slobbering kiss
all the strings that were tugged
at the time of this bliss
are still patent and sturdy
after forty-two years
I have turned a bit nerdy
but the special day nears
on the twelvth of December
in that Bockenheim bed
we shall always remember
those three words that were said.

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