SS (23/12/2000 / Egypt)

She Was Right

In my new school, I have no friends.
Half of the year is already gone, but it just feels like the rest will never end.
I have tried to be friends with them all.
But I noticed there is a cliff somewhere, and I will fall.
You see them all friendly with each other.
But wait until you see them talking about one another.
They take the opportunity when one is absent.
Curse and make fun of them suddenly became the way to show benevolence.
Funny to me they are really nice in front of each other.
And the two faces show, changes faster than the weather.
Some have noticed, but they never speak.
Some can talk, but they will never be believed
I have tried to talk to some of them, but they never listen.
I will be out of view, and they can choose their faith.
But don't come crying to me like yesterday and say "you were right, "
Don't go home and cry yourself to sleep and say "She was right."

by Salma Said

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