She Was Running Late......

She was running late. Her family had crossed the road ahead of her and now out of sight. Normally they would have waited, but today was just not a normal day and they were all looking forward to a restful night.

It was her running late that made her careless. It’s amazing how we forget to do the things we teach our kids. She ran right into the road without a single glance. She didn’t even see the late model pickup that didn’t see her until it was too late.

Things weren’t right for a few moments. She wasn’t sure what happened – one moment she was crossing the road chasing her family and the next she was laying on it. Why couldn’t she move her arms and legs? Why couldn’t she feel anything?

Help! ? !
Help! ? – did she really just say that out loud?

Was someone coming? Yes! A man was coming closer. All she could do was lift her head up to look at him. That’s strange. Why was he carrying a rifle? Who was he talking to on the cell phone?

The next to last thing she heard was the driver of the truck telling his wife that he would be late. He had hit a deer on the road and needed to put her out of her misery.

by mestup poems

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This opens a world of wondering about 'family' and the wild would like to think; like you that they do have real relationships.... Touching You never cease to amaze me sad. Wasn't expecting that at all. Love the way your mind works.