She Was Smart, Way Too Pretty

Oh sure!
she's gonna love you!
all the rest of your lonely life,
and she'l tell you that she wants you
every single lov'in night!

to always hold her and to kiss her
that you both shall never part
and after you've loved her like no other,


......and she was smart,
way too pretty,
the kind of girl I'd never get,
I should've known
that she would leave me,
should've known I wouldn't forget

I met her on line when I was 20,
never met a girll like her.
said she loved me
she would save me
she would be my own forever!

got me thinking, got me feeling
looking hard at what I am,
if only I knew how to love a woman,
maybe she's want me as a man.

But I was young,
and I knew nothing
never knew that dreams dont last.
She let me slip and slide away
until I vanished in her past.

Now time may come
and time may go,
You'd better live before your old
better love before you die
but dont hang on or wonder why.
Forget your dreams! forget your goals!
forget your worries, forget it all!

a girl like her will come along
and when she leaves
she'l take your soul.

by Who Cares

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