She Was Smarter Than Me

She was smarter than me, all I could ever be,
was the friend in the back,
she got the best of you, I wanted to,
I would have stayed, I would have loved you harder,
the times you spent with her, the way I dreamt of you,
you held me in your arms, I kissed your cares away,
She was smarter that me, I wanted to be the one you kissed,
the one that made you laugh, I truly loved you, and still do,
will there ever be a part of your hart for me, she knew how to woo you,
I could only love you, you beauty, your love for life,
I was dumb not to do what she could do,
if I could have your hart you would only be the only one for me,
she was smarter than me, so I let u go, for all my stupidety, I will always see your face in my dreams.

by accalia rich

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