She Was Terang's Rose

In her prime years her shoulder length hair like ripe chestnut was wavy and brown
In her twenties the beautiful young rose of old Terang Town
But in years this is going back some three decades ago
And time as we know becomes everyone's foe

Now in her mid fifties her better days long gone
And the biological clock on her life ever keeps ticking on
With brown hair hair dye she now covers her gray
And clearly she has known a far better day

The man that she loved did not make her his wife
And without any children or a lover in her life
She must find her Hometown of Terang a lonely old place
Where her's is a known and a familiar face

That time leaves it's mark on the human body is only true to say
The clothes she wore in her prime would not fit her today
In the nineteen eighties she was Terang's Rose
That time leaves everyone looking and feeling older one has to suppose.

by Francis Duggan

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Nice memory I think we all have that one was look back at with nostalgia. Great poem