She Was The Rose Of Yarram

She was the Rose of Yarram when she was in her prime
But she like all of the rest of us cannot turn back the hands of time
Despite the hair dyes that she use to hide the tell tale gray
She's not the beauty she once was all roses fade away.

She was the Rose of Yarram some twenty years ago
And now in her mid forties the years on her do show
She once had the hour glass figure, her hair a natural brown
The most attractive young woman in her South Gippsland Town.

She has put on a lot of weight twelve kilos maybe more
She is sixty six on the scales now she once weighed fifty four
She goes on diets but the kilos she lose she puts them on again
And memories of what she once was with her only remain.

Her husband left her for one younger he likes them young 'twould seem
And the feeling of rejection bad for her self esteem,
Her son works in the city married with a baby boy
And him she seldom ever see they don't see eye to eye.

She was the Rose of Yarram with young men at her beck and call
But now when she walks down the street few seem to notice her at all
And the few who show an interest in her are those she does not wish to know
But things for her quite different some twenty years ago.

by Francis Duggan

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