She Went Crazy

one day it just happened...
she went berserk, she got flaky,
her brain was cracked, she went crazy,
she got mental, she got mad,
is she happy or is she sad?
she went psycho, she's out of her mind,
she's so unbalanced, so out of time,
she's a maniac, a lunatic,
she's unhinged and unzipped,
she's delirious, demented,
twisted and flipped,
she's got a screw loose and it can't be tightened,
her unsound mind made her think her strength was heightened,
she put the pistol in her mouth and screamed,
'LOOK AT ME! ! '
now lets see if this causes some controversy.

by lil miss

Comments (1)

Nice. Very intresting you would chose this kind of topic for a poem. Very different, but i still like it.