She Went For Old Willie Instead

You might say she's not unattractive well educated and well read
And she is in her early twenties and her best days in life are ahead
She could have had a man of her own age as two fancy her Johnny and Fred
But she refused both their advances and she went for old Willie instead.

On his last birthday Willie was fifty twenty eight years older than she
And her friends they ask her quite frankly whatever in him do you see?
For gray haired Willie is five times a grand dad and his eldest son is thirty three
But she says i find young men boring and Willie much better for me.

Blond Jenny was raised by her mother and she has never known her dad
And she has found in older Willie something she craved but never had
She has found herself a father figure and filled the great gap in her life
And in her womb carries his baby and soon she is to be his wife.

Well educated young and good looking but she's with a silvery haired man
One three decades older than she is in human years a lengthy span
She could have been with one of her own age but she rejected Johnny and Fred
She had yearned for the love of a father and she went for old Willie instead.

by Francis Duggan

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