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She Went Home In A Taxi

Blondie’s in the corner
Standing on the stair
She knows I’ve been looking
And flicks here long blond hair

I’m-a-move-in closer
There’s something in the air
Can’t believe this feeling
As I join here at stair

Hi-yer honey lady
Have you got a light
If you’ve got a fag love
I’ll be your babe tonight

So I pass here up a ciggie
And brush here hand on mine
I get another Brandy
And buy a glass of wine

She says she’s not out clubbing
So I ask here back to mine
She saes she may do later
But she’ll need a lot more wine

Later when were walking
Under the stars at night
I ask here if she wants me
She says tonight's the night

I get here back to my place
And fumble with the door
She asks me for the bathroom
And pukes up on the floor

I called here out a Taxi
And pushed here in the car
I hope I never see here
Young Blondie from the bar

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