She Will Be Home For Christmas

She will be home in Glasgow in Scotland far away
For the carving of the turkey with her family on Christmas Day
When the Parklands in her Hometown with frost are hoary gray
Nostalgia and wanderlust not that far apart they say.

She will be home for Christmas far north of Castlemaine
And the old Town in Victoria she may not be seeing again
In Glasgow in December there isn't much sun shine
But for her Homeland far north of here the young dark haired beauty pine.

Five or six months have passed in time since she hit the wandering track
It was wanderlust that lured her south and nostalgia will lure her back
To her Celtic northern Homeland when the cold Winter winds blow
And jack frost is on the window pane and the hill wears a white hat of snow.

With that absence makes the heart grow fonder she surely would agree
And she will be home for Christmas with her kin and family
And on New Year's night in Glasgow Town she will dance and drink red wine
And sing the Robert Burns song 'For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne'.

by Francis Duggan

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