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She Wonders

Held in bondage to her mind
Pressure there, she can't unwind
She suspects, all that say they care
All that love her, she must beware
Does he love her or does he not
The silence so loud, that she forgot
What's he thinking, sitting so still?
Is he with her against his will?
She doesn't know what to say or do
Married to him, but she doesn't have a clue
She walks on egg shells most of the time
Is loving him such an aweful crime?
She aches inside for him to hold her hand
Or just a hug, can't he understand?
She just wants to feel loved by him
But the chances of that, are mighty slim
She wonders if she will ever feel his love
He doesn't abuse, but so neglectful of
In her life, no one has cared very much
She just yearns for her mans touch!

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I had to read this a couple of times. It's a very moving poem and so sad. I hope you soon get to convey your thoughts to your husband and manage to communicate with each other better. Perhaps you should just give him this poem to read! Good Luck Gyp's