BS ( / Balasore, Orissa, India)

She Would Not Be A Girl Again

She would not be a girl again
As this night passes to the dawn!
Without the shyness she was known for,
She, would answer with smiles and gestures,
All the innocent queries from her friends,
A person turned mature overnight.

It was a longed for experience
Of love, pain and pleasure!
In the exploring moments of a sleepless night,
Like a hot wax, she melted,
Guided in the moulds of a pair of hands
Ignited by the sparks of passion!

Unaware of the existence of the world around
To the witness of a single lamp,
Flickering light in an unknown mirth,
She plays the role of a heroine
In the silent drama being enacted,
Whose theme had come to the earth,
In the times of its origin!

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