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She Wouldn’t Be A Fool, Like Before

The bell rings without a sound.
The trees speak without moving.
The leaves dropp dead in silence,
For all has changed.
Like the leaves, she feels.
As his departure arrives.
Not knowing if this is real.
She puts his picture to her cheek,
And tears begin to fall.
He was her first love,
He had her soul and all.
She prays and closes her eyes,
Hoping for better days.
Though she knows,
It’ll never again feel the same.

Months later, the phone rings,
She awaited his call.
Only now she’s not his no more,
And the feelings had gone out the door.
Tell him, she couldn’t,
For whatever reason, she still cared.
While the worry, she couldn’t bear.
She took his hand, once more,
But promised herself,
She wouldn’t be a fool, like before .

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