She Yearns For A Life Of Adventure

She is so attractive to look at the young woman with the big blue eyes
And many of the town's young men their admiration of her do not even try to disguise
Her shoulder length wavy hair in the wind tossing as dark as the wing of a crow
Her's is indeed quite a rare beauty she is of the type of most men wish to know
Yet she has the wanderlust in her for big towns and cities far away
In her hometown on view of the mountains she is determined not to grow old and gray
The yearn it is in her for to travel on the journey that leads to elsewhere
To the big towns and the big cities in the bigger World out there
Of late she has just turned nineteen and of any ties that does bind she is free
She knows in the big World out there that there are amazing sights for to see
Working in two jobs for to save money for her journey from the mountain town
Where she has no wish to fall in love, marry have kids and settle down
Many local young men are attracted to her but she does not need the ties that bind
She yearns for a life of adventure and she has travel on the mind.

by Francis Duggan

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