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LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)


They sucked out my blood
They took away my life
Thy drained my soul

They made me only half of a whole...
My heart screams what my voice can't shout
My soul aches what my body can't feel

My mind cries what my eyes won't shed
My body is ripping itself apart...
I wish I could take away this pain

I wish I could take away this shame
I wish you could be here
I wish I could take away your fear...

Take your tears, let me shed them
Take your fears, let me feel them
Take your pain, let it hurt me

Take your darkness, cast it away to me...
I am your sheath
You are my sword

Come back to me
And I'll cover you...
They wont' take you for long

I'll never stop singing my song
Of sisterly love
For you...

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The feelings one has for siblings can be as though it was ourselves.... I relate in many ways to this poem.... thank you Alison