Shed A Tear

Poem By emily summers

I've shed so many tears,
they could make an ocean,
shed them over this boy,
he doesn't even have a notion,
he's oblivious to my feelings,
and i want to let him know,
but if i tell him our friendship could go out of the window,
so i sit and shed a tear,
reflect on my fear,
It pains me so much,
to see someone i love,
with someone else,
someone he cherishes,
much more than me,
oh i just wish i could be,
what he wants,
free of faults,
perfect for him,
his everything,
but I can't so I remain here,
to shed a tear,
until I am without fear,
i will carry on,
try and be strong,
but it's been so long since i felt this way,
i don't want it to go away,
even when it hurts,
it could be worse.
He controls what i do,
his smile gets me through,
he makes me laugh 'till my sides split,
he makes me cry without knowing it,
tears trickling down my face,
accelerating like it's a race,
mascara gushing down like a river,
my strength begins to wither,
i fall to the floor,
i want to be the girl you adore,
its so much more than lust,
otherwise i wouldn't make a fuss,
i know this love is true,
all i want is you,
but i don't know what to do,
so i shed a tear,
i shed a tear,
i shed a tear,
until you come...

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tear is the only weapon to sustain adverse onslaughts- well written

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