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Shedding Girdles
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Shedding Girdles

Poem By gershon hepner

Shedding girdles and their padded bras
the early feminists all sought equality,
but women have returned to pick-up bars
to prove their serious interest in frivolity.
Now things are plus ça change, and déjà vu,
as leather skirts are getting shorter and much tighter,
and décolleté’s the favorite point of view,
and every day the outlook seems to be far brighter,
as men stand tall, by women given headroom,
and feminists have been defeated and admonished,
while women now are focused on the bedroom,
with prejudice against male chauvinists abolished.

Inspired by Maureen Dowd’s article in the NYT of October 30,2005 cited in my poem “Lovetime”.


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Dripping with truth, this commentary on contemporary feminine society - a rich subject indeed. More?