LDS (April 25,1986 / Grant Hospital Columbus, Ohio)

Sheded Tears

Life is hard to explain.
Somethings are better lefted unsaid then to be told in sheded tears.
Some people don't know when to stop.
They always have to have the last laugh about everything.
Some people feel that it is cool to put others down.
Just because they are different or lower class or just because they are special.
Which is messed up.
Some people can't help it.
Everyone has rights.
The main right is freedom.
Freedom of being who they are and not being judged for it.
Ater so long of being alone some people would do anything for a friend to hold them.
To make them feel needed, wanted, loved and most of all important.
Some people won't shed a single tear in public where people can see and hear them.
They run and hide.
To let the tears come out.
All these sheded tears because a special friend is needed.
A special friend that can make a big difference in ones life.

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