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Sheep’s Outburst
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Sheep’s Outburst

Poem By Ivy Christou

It is funny and ironic
And remarkably stupid
How I’m trying to convince everyone else
When I can not even convince myself
That you are nothing special.
For now you are just being overestimated,
Like all the fake jewellery
That seem expensive from a distance.
Well I’m close enough to see that
Your shine is not really blinding.

And it is pointless and unfair
And unbelievably cruel
To this useless part of my existence,
Which some people call it Soul,
To care for you as if you are something precious
And allow myself to smile or laugh,
Anything will do really,
When you are trying to prove
That you have a sense of humour.

And it is pessimistic and sad
And incredibly pathetic
How every time you are around
I tend to forget the fact that
You don’t deserve me
And I overpass my defence
Just to believe a few more
Of your sugar coated lies.
You don’t even have the decency
To be serious when you tell them
And I let you believe that
You are the only one who is right.

And it is insane and outrageous
And extremely annoying
To attempt to understand your strange character
When it is obvious that my opinion
Means nothing to you.
You see..
If you knew me a bit more
You could have sensed my growing apathy
Towards your interests.

And it is finally clear that
It is time to move on.

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Comments (2)

You have some really wonderful lines in this poem Ivy, 'Your shine is not really blinding' and 'Of your sugar coated lies, ' but what I find most stunning and impressive here is the journey of realisation you go through, realising all the faults and knowing what you have to do - to move on. Congradulations on an excellent poem, my friend.
Women really do put up with a lot from guys, you have to love them!