Sheer Guilt

Aha, finally realised what’s wrong: guilt
you little criminal, it’s sheer guilt that has
you feeling so bad: unilaterally decided
on monthly payback whereas you know
Lord and Master of the Crocodile Castle
insists on full payment immediately –

Now you fear discovery – the little alien
in your head passed out from anxiety,
crocodile lost interest in swimming and
thinking, translating & dreaming, knowing
it was wrong to cover up expenses; all
attempts to work came to an end as

My head shrivels up & burns with anxiety,
must make up the deficit, money used to
refurbish my changeling child’s room with-
out Scorpio’s consent, scared – now my
conscience demands steps to rectify the
problem of payment and I can’t because

Credit’s expensive – at least I confessed,
knowing what’s wrong will help to solve
the conundrum - repaying credit with a
credit card’s not working, bank fees are
killing me; I’m caught in a storm
of my very own making…

by Margaret Alice Second

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