Sheer Ignorance Is Bliss

As a food source the stand of monterey pines the yellow tail black cockatoos will miss
But to those who removed the trees and those who paid to have them removed sheer ignorance is bliss
How can they care of Nature when of Nature's ways they do not seem to know
It takes decades of years for a cone bearing tree to a mature tree to grow
I'm not one to talk for in the past to Nature I've not been a friend
Many of us are hypocritical in our ways why otherwise pretend
Yet people should realize that when they remove mature pine trees yellow tail black cockatoos
Who shred their cones for the dark seed are those destined to lose
This Planet with other forms of life we are supposed to share
Yet to habitat destruction many animals and birds are becoming rare
Due to our disregard for our Natural Environment more species of wildlife endangered by the day
That many of us are not friends of Nature does seem quite sad to say
Thirty cone bearing monterey pine trees removed for to build a factory
That the birds lose out to human greed does seem all wrong to me.

by Francis Duggan

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