Where old Clara Mountain forever looks down
Julia Mary was born and raised a Duggan just west of Millstreet town
But in Claraghatlea she was one who would not stay
As a young woman she migrated to the U S of A
Far from Duhallow in the County of Cork
She married Myles McCabe a good man from County Monaghan in the City of New York
Still happily married and grandparents today
How quickly the years seemed to have ticked away
Yes on looking back the years time does seem to fly
Like most Julia Marys Sheila is the name she is known by
And though this now is going back many Seasons in time
Sheila was quite a beautiful looking woman in her physical prime
Born in the late nineteen thirties she would be eighty today
With her husband Myles living in Weatogue Conneticut in the U S of A.

by Francis Duggan

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