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Sheila Kelleher

Not many in Millstreet of her would not know
Sheila Kelleher the Manageress of the famed Laurels B and B at Minor Row
Devoted to her children and to Clem a good wife
It is so sad to learn she has lost her gift of life
Few beautiful as her when in her life's prime
When she married Clem going back decades in time
And only the memory of what was remain
Of people we knew but will not see again
Gone from Minor Row another beloved face
Millstreet Town without her is a much poorer place
Along with her husband Clem a Killarney Road Rovers fan
The Club their son Niall played for when he was a young man
Hope her passing from life was a painless release
One who was loved by many may she now rest in peace.

by Francis Duggan

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