OES ( / Fort White, Florida)

Shekina Glory

My heart may beat to the beat of a different drum.
It can thunder and rage, as the whirling winds.
And as I climb that mountain which is at the highest summit.
I may fall a thousand times.
To reach for what I can not see.
To hope that one day no longer shall I succumb to the vanity.
Of a useless cause.
Inside that heart is a different song.
A barely audible hum.
That longs, and yearns to find.
Just simple unconditional love.
When I reach that fountain.
I will plunge, to drink.
Of its richest rhymes.
And when I get there.
I know I will find.
Not only myself, but each and everyone of you.
Who helped me get there.
One step at a time.

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