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What a dear girl, voices softly whisper
Touching her perfection, to gain their own
Yet not one would dare to kiss her
For they walk on as his drones

Clear blue eyes and the devils smirk
She always had it in a way
Such as which, she had perk
Which always kept the hounds at bay

People feared her, people laughed
People mocked her, people knew
They she was different, yet in fact
She was saner than any than any of you

And deep inside, she kept it in
The evil and lusting and desire
And in her actions she would sin
To rekindle the wick of her burning fire

The love she felt was all but strange
For nearly all'd had a taste
Of the cancer that was disserage
But she, however, was a different case

She truly cared and truly wept
Bound and shackled by her feelings
Never expressing the apprehension she kept
So unfortunate in these dealings...

Even to this day, I can help her not
In this eternal quest for love
I myself, don't wish to rot
Within the poison boy's glove

We're falling into the same abyss
Darkness consuming all our matter
But together we're falling through this crisis
And its his mirage we will shatter

She love. I love. We love. Obsess.
All in this hallucination.
You tear. You beg. You undress.
And we go on in fascination.

Hiding within his dark gleam
We're attracted to this light
Yet somehow, it seems
We will never be alright..

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