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Shelia Shenanigans
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Shelia Shenanigans

Have you heard from her lately?
She loves her LOLs and Hehehehs.
She's really a scream and a hoot.
And her face really beams to boot.

Check out her biography picture.
Her smile is one great signature.
She always gives wonderful comments,
with lots of heartfelt intents.

But if she turns on her shenanigans
Look out...your sore ribs are in her plans.
If your already her friend, you know.
How she kids around so.

If you haven't made her acquaintance yet,
and you'd like a friend that's hard to forget.
Just look up Shelia (AKA Shelia Shenanigans)
for a rib tickling friend.

(18 May 2007)

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Comments (4)

JoAnn, I know just what you mean. The picture is quite gorgeous. Once I had a woman like that, then she shrunk and got wrinkly and now I call her my wife. Just joking. Great writer with a lovely sense of humour. Something to cheer us all up when we need it from time to time. One of my new friends, but a friend just the same. Lovely tribute to her. Meant to do this earlier. But the old man forgot. Hope you forgive me for that. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it. David
Thank you, Melvina! You're such a sweetheart! :)
I did check out her picture quite some time ago, Sheila has everything, not only good looks but a fantastic personality, a very caring and spiritual person. I can't wait to meet her. Thanks JoJo, lovely tribute to a sister poet.--Melvina--
OH, BRAVO! BRAVO! I must say this is your best work to date! Absolutely breathtaking! This piece gets nothing less than a perfect '10'! (smile) Sheila Shenanigans