Shell Of A Cold Soul

If I could ever find the words, I'd tell you about this wonterful place in me. A glacier. A great glacier.
Empty, cold but glorious at the same time.
This is the place I dream of. This is the place I long for.
It's like a deep cave made entierly of ice. Ice crystals and icicles fills this cave like frozen plants and flowers, reflecting the light and illuminating the cave.
A freezing wind runs trough this cave from the blizzard outside. Piercing, skin-cutting frost.
The icicles makes a bell-like chime in the freezing breeze.
A gentle prelude for an eternal, frozen sleep.
This is the place.
Maybe, someday, in this glacier..someone will find my heart?
Frozen solid, behind a wall of ice, where it belongs, where my home is.

by Methods Create Madness

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