Sadness And Loss/ Come Again And Again


Sadness and loss
Come again and again
In old age-
Friends all hurt
In various ways.

There is no answer
It will never be
Completely alright again,
As one once dreamed
It could be.

Life is difficult
And will be more difficult.,
But so long as it is still life
We must try to find in it
some love and some happiness.

by Shalom Freedman

Comments (7)

it's been years and I keep coming back to this piece..yes, it is that remarkable...
I have not visited this site in years, but I always remembered this poem, and it brought me back..that is the mark of a great writer, when the work has a life of its own and weaves its way into the soul of the reader, so that it becomes apart of their very nature. thank you....Amberlee
Harriet this is simply lovely. Poetry Hound suggested I take a look at this today because he read my sonnet, 'The Gift' posted today. He said our poems were very similar. They are. You have done a lovely job with this subject.Let's have more of your poetry. Raynette
I'm stunned, honeslty. I have not read poetry of this standard since Li-young's breath-taking on a level I cannot expres right now, I look forward to more of your work. always, Amberlee
mighty fine work here. mighty fine. gave it a 10.0 Jake
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