Shells On The Sand

Poem By Alice Baudoin

We are
Shells on the sand
The wind turns us to dust

We are
Two birds
Touching their wings at night
As sparkles are falling
From their wings

We are trees
Embracing each other
Holding tight to one another
Until the wind is sleeping away through our leaves
And throwing us apart

What you see on my face is time
It is nothing but time
And time means nothing
Compared to spirit
Compared to what we are
Compared to love

Don’t be afraid of time
Somehow it’s unimportant

What you see on my body is time
Only time
Unforgiving, implacable
Harsh and demanding

What you see in my eyes
Is eternal
A light and the flame
Of the spirit that loves you
That cherishes you
And your being
Your loneliness
Your deepness
Your mortality

Nobody goes through life
Without scars
Time leaves scars
You should not look around my eyes
To see the scars
But inside my eyes
To find soul

Comments about Shells On The Sand

love riding time in very passionate way... others just slip away

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