Sheltered Love

As my dreams are just reflections
Of the little love we knew,
I shall always be contented
As I always dream of you.

Though your love you may have hidden
In the shadows of your mind.
My memory holds it closely
So it's not so hard to find.

I take my love out every day
Just as all true lovers do.
For still I cling to fading hope,
That your love may still come through.

And if you find this oh so strange
Since you keep us far apart;
Please know my love is sheltered still
In a castle called your heart.


Comments (7)

'Of the little love we knew' Rachel Ann Butler
I love the title and the flow of this magnificent write. Your words so subtle and generously expressed greatness.
Wow, are you good. I haven't been on for a while so I thought I'd see what you have been up to. Nice, as akways. T
awwwww wolfey! ! this is AMAZING. lucky be the gal who inspired such a write! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! *kisses* -Caramel
wonderful write as protected in a castle called the heart...a great one absolutely 10 from me..
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