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Sheltered Storm
Cecelia Weir (March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Sheltered Storm

I was doing just fine
When the winds began to blow.
I hoped it wouldn't get rough
Then the lightening let me know.

Rough storm coming on
Taking cover was my need.
Then I wondered to myself
Just where would this storm lead.

Such thundering in my heart
As the rain poured down.
Yet the sun peeped through
Its light never hitting the ground.

The clouds swallowed the sun
It got darker by the minute.
As I tried to console myself
Saying the Lord just sent it.

When all of a sudden
It was quiet all around.
And the sun shone through
Glistening when I felt so down.

As I noticed by this storm
I had been shelered all the time
For just down the road
Detruction meant to be mine.

Sheltered by this storm
Just in the nick of time.
God was cleansing and watering my path
Prearing His light in me to shine.

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