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Shes All Alone In The World
AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

Shes All Alone In The World

In the world I roam all alone.
Im in my own world all alone.
I have no one who gives a shit.
They couldnt give a toss.

This world is not mine.
Just like my life is not mine.
Its some one elses with dark powers.
someone who lives in the towers.

All alone on my own In the world.
Now Im going to die.
I face death all alone.

As she decides to end it.
She goes through death alone.
Takes her life.
She honestly belives no one gives a damn.

Her family find her the next morning.
Shes swinging from the cutain rail.
She is swinging.

Neck lose tight round her neck.
She is blue
Its obvious tshes gone.

They cut her down.
Trying in vain to save her.

Why didnt they show her this love.
They could of showed her love well she was alive.
She might still be here to day.

She didnt realise it
But they loved her in their own way.

She looks doen from where shes gone,
She feels so shit.
They did love her.
If only shed hung on.
Shed of seen her mum and everyone else loved her

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