Shes Away

Poem By Brittany Tull

in a world differnt then the one she
lives in. the people act &&look differnt
they say new things shes never
heard before. there are new things
here. things shes never done before.
she can just sit outside &&stare at
a cornfield in peace &&quiet with no
disruptions. although she does miss
someone special beside her that
loves her &&dreams of being with her
forever. although shes got her best friend
with her they always talk about what they
had with the boys who dreamd of being
with them forever &&who loved them.
but they cherish the moments they have
here because theyre not like the ones
at home. they're peacefull. they're happy.
they're what you live for in life. those
moments. they played in the rain.
chaised ecother around the yard.
sprayed ecother with hoeses because its fun
&&they laugh so hard they cry.
its those moments that they'll remember.
&&the bad moments go away. they
forgot why they cryed &&they dont worry
they have fun &&laugh. thats why shes away
to get away from it all. laugh &¬ cry.

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