I love my greatniece.
One of three sisters,
Born in the middle.
And can be sometimes sweet...
Bossy AND opinionated.
Like her mom and dad,
T'ana and Allahna too.
We wont include Aunt Shayla...
She of course turns it on at will!
When things are not going the way
As Ms Shay says they should,
She gives us all eyes that can kill!
But my Shi'Ann,
Is the one that fits the bill!
You once asked me one day...
'Uncle Larry, write about me,
And what will you say? '
I will say my greatniece ShiAnn is grand.
She's terrific with a heart of gold!
And what Shi'Ann does...
Will be in the way,
Only Shi'Ann can...
Making sure others obey!

To my greatniece Shi'Ann Pertillar
'Love you...'
Uncle Larry

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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