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A mellow dramatic shift precluding
Anticipation of return
To lonely long distances between
Horizons spanning wind and wilderness
Tacked onto tactics of rendering
Sleep for sleep
Punctuated by gates erased with shattering
When eyeballs bloom to their fullest

Hammering splendidly
The reinterpreted tunes
Observed at intervals pensively

The reshaping every time

A shift to the left, to the right
To the lonely, to the full
To the fully lonely, to the empty
To the stabbing blade of vacant space

Only a greeting awaited with dozens
Of flowering petals and precious metals
But all unwanted, just the sight itself to see
The eyes converge as all is restored

Totally owned

A mutual wondering
For the knot so firmly bound, yet still able to see
The masses of loose threads, unbound


The view into the recent past,
Truly a thrill to see the splendor of
What was once undone
Now finished

Yet many a tie still remains untied
Yet the process still
A continuing

All doubt quelled
A quest fulfilled
Yet much time still to kill

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