Shifty Eyes

Their eyes are rather shifty
they have been caught out cold
I find it pretty nifty
that I'm the one they told
that cheating could be done
it's what they think they know
it's just a bit of fun
some wrestling to and fro.

The Shlepp accused me loudly
of being a damn crook
does he stand up and proudly
proclaim that he mistook
or trusted others from the pack
in rage so blind to be accepted
he thought that the amount of flack
from just a handful if he kept it
a secret from his streetwise mates
would be too small to make it clear
yet all the world knows now, that states
of great confusion and plain fear
are no excuse for this behaviour.
Yet it is rampant in old Brittain
and we all know they have no saviour
so could it be that they are smitten?
Where I come from they teach that honour
is what you measure people by
if you don't have it, you're a goner
don't get to nibble from the pie
of human decency as such
you, with your cowardice revealed
would really never mean too much
for me, your fate has now been sealed.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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