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Nae Sarang?
(9 November 1877 - 21 April 1938 / Sialkot / British India)

Nae Sarang?

Poem By Alecia Nak

Even though she smiles, tears still fall down
when the tears do fall her smile fades away like the tears that drip down her face
She says 'Sarang Hae Yo'
she screams, she yells it out on top of her lungs
she repeats the words sarang sarang sarang SARANG
she didn't need stop cause the words sarang repeated itself
she asks 'Nae Sarang? '
She tried her best to smile but tears only fall
She misses him like the moon that needed the stars
the stars that glistened in the night
she stares at the stars it blinks 'sarang sarang sarang sarang'
the words haunted her, she shook her head telling herself that shes weird
Nan apado usemuel meogeumjyo
because I your there standing there right in front of me
even when I can't see you physically
Everytime I breathe I call out for you
When I inhale I can almost
so close to smell that sweet scent of you
Nae Sarang?
Even I can't see or touch you
I can still feel you breathe down my back
the cold chilly air turns to 0 degrees
the chill that brings you
My fading heart turns to cold ice
the warmth of your hand; placing up on top of me
melts away the fear, the cold, the nightmares
if only i could see you one more time
it would be the best est gift that could be granted
I'm sorry if my heart only had scars for you see
I'm sorry if I couldn't show you love
I; m sorry I couldn't bring the comfort when I wanted too.
Sarang Hae Yo Neomuna Sarang Hae Yo
when I meet you in the next world don't let me go.
Nae Sarang?
I won't need to cry, I won't need to wait anymore.
But you'll wait for me right Nae Sarang?

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