BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Shindig (We Just Love Having Fun)

Bring everything not bolted down,
including the kitchen sink.
Bring your friends and family,
let’s start this shindig right.

Blast the music and hoist the drinks,
two things our guests never agree on.
Light the grill and bring out the football,
this party is starting to heat up.

The yard lights up with dancing and laughing,
everyone flows together in liquid motion.
Applaud the karaoke singers and beer pong winners,
the party never stops.

Twilight brings torches and bonfires,
catching people sneaking off for random hook-ups.
The music gets louder and the night gets darker,
our neighbors would be pissed if they weren’t already here.

Generations mix in the yard and the closeness is palpable,
young and old combine and party in to the wee hours of the night.
We raise our cups and sing our hearts out,
showing the world that pure joy still exists.

The party begins to wind down when the sun rises,
exposing a battlefield of people and trash.
We smile and laugh and clasp each other on the backs,
we know how to throw a blowout.

We have fun because we like fun,
no matter how much you disapprove.
Our lives ring of laughter and music,
we know you envy us though you frown.

Sit on your high horse and judge us from afar,
we don’t judge you for doing that.
Maybe some day you will hop down and join us,
you will always be welcome.

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