Shine Your Light

You shine your light on me,
All the time, every day.
And I feel it all the time.
You shine on me and make me great.
You make me glow with compassion,
And radiate kindness.
The small gestures of love you make,
And the circumstances you change for the better,
All reflect on me, and help me be all I can be.
You create a chain of good,
Which others can’t help but follow.
You shine your powerful light on me.
And I glow from head to toe.
I feel your passion,
And I feel your love.
For healing and for helping,
Every creature on the planet.
You strike a match of goodness,
And your fire will keep burning forever,
In my heart,
And in all the hearts of the people you touched.
Because you shine your light,
For everyone.

by Rachel Brewer

Comments (3)

lovely rachel a single light amazing write 10
It is a developing poem from the beginning to the end! Nice to read!
Very beautiful piece. So nice to see work with an inspiring message. Very well done. Thank you for sharing this.