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Shining Insignificance
(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

Shining Insignificance

Poem By Francois Hoon

A dreary road that winds and grinds
You down to dirt on a trail trodden frail
When you’re walked over and stepped upon
As people pass you by
Passing you by as a speck of dust
Or a grain of sand on a sheet of rust

A painful road that confronts the worth
Of a life not ‘knowledged by the eyes of many
When deeds are done to be unseen by any
Opinions around judged by estimation of sight
And self-righteous ignorance of perceptional might

The praise of whom do we strive to gain
When we venture an effort or a loving pain
Do we discern the value of achieved action
By the response or honor from esteemed faction?

Do we measure the value and weight of one
By achievement and triumph for the human eye done
Bringing cause for life to merely be
The search for approval and the glory of me

For whoever himself exalts
Humbled shall he be
And he who humbles himself
Exaltation he shall see
Meriting deeds for men take heed
No reward our Father keeps for such proceed
For so the last shall then be first
And the first in turn
Shall last ever be

O judgement of man how frail you see
Life’s value is measured eternally
The kingdom of heaven sought on earth
Bringing glory to God and eternal birth

Through world’s perception we trivial be
A life lived for Christ not the laurels of me
Seeking treasures in heaven from the earthly free
Our insignificance an offering that shines up to Thee!

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This speaks alot of truth! I love this poem. Oh how easy it is to measure yourself and others by the things of this world which will never satisfy, while most of those 'things' are but dust in Gods sight! If only the eyes of humanity wasn't as blind...