Shining Star

Poem By Edgar Val

Shining Star, Shining Star
so Shiny that hurt my eyes
so hot that burn my hands
and so beautiful that it´s impossible not to look..
if i look to my star, it hurts my eyes
what should i do? i cant touch it too..
i know! ..i can imagine my star, my shining star
i can imagine the eyes i can even imagine to touch it..
oh, my shining star of dreams
one day, it will be more than a dream
i will hurt my eyes & burn my hands
just to see u and touch u...
and, in the end
without eyes and hands
i´ll be a shining star too..
shining & shining with love, forever & forever...

Comments about Shining Star

hey eddie haha its chilena wot i lovely poem honestly xx luv it xx

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