(10/6/74 / San Diego, CA)

Shining Star Within This Heart's Beating Adrift

Shining star within this heart's beating adrift
A celestial body of beauty
Running through a whirlwind of chaos
Fighting against the murderous rage of society
Digressing for the day all things will change
I can feel everything within

Amongst the chaotic storm I will go
Grasping a beauty as strongly as I can
Falling in if need be
Doing all the best to set her free

Within this heart's beating
The shining star will be resting
Upon the matter it takes
To make sure all is well

The madness of the storm I will feel
To save her from the pain
Will shield any agony away
Even if it meant I had to take it all as my own

Shining star of my heart's beating admiration
All will be peaceful and serene

Your cosmic presence is like no other
Earth just does not seem big enough for your enduring soul

Star shining beauty
I feel all that you feel
Let us slay all the memories that hurt you
So they will never do any harm again

Beautiful star of endurance
When you shoot out to the beyond
Please, May I go venture on too?

May the universe be ours to roam?
Shining star within this heart's beating adrift

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